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CAN Bus integration – including reverse engineering!

The curiosity and demand for RaceCapture/Pro CAN bus integration is quite high based on all of the feedback and activity we’ve been seeing. Our friend Zandr showed us this One Cool Hack in Lua scripting that was especially clever: a clean way to map CAN bus IDs to function calls that extract and map telemetry data. Spurred on by his creativity, I […]

BMW E46 CAN data via RaceCapture/Pro now available!

You asked for it, and we delivered! The past few weeks we’ve spent researching and testing CAN support for the BMW E46 platform. We’re now proud to announce official setup instructions for CAN wiring and RaceCapture/Pro configuration to get your CAN data to the cloud! Read the instructions here: Currently we have support for […]

AT&T – new data plan option for RaceCapture/Pro wireless telemetry

Just enough data at the right place Good news for you data junkies: AT&T now has data-only plans starting at $15/month for 250MB – plenty for streaming wireless telemetry for a long endurance racing weekend. This is excellent news as AT&T seems to have superior coverage at many tracks, from the feedback we’ve received! Check out […]

Sponsored: Lars Wolfe Racing

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Lars Wolfe Racing and their new project “The Multi-Purpose Racer” The Multi-Purpose racer is based on the versatile Nissan Juke and will participate in a wide variety of racing, including stage rally, road racing, hill climbs and even drag racing. The exciting new RaceCapture/Pro technology provided by Autosport Labs will bring all fans LIVE information during the race from Lars and […]