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Updated SensorX breakout board

Super clean installs We have an updated Updated SensorX sensor breakout board! We’ve make the board more compact and change the pullup resistor spots to a friendlier through-hole design. Use the SensorX board when wiring in sensors for RaceCapture/Pro for a super clean install.  Add the included pull-up resistors for your passive temp sensors, then slip […]

Pre- CAN/OBD-II Lotus Elise/Exige – you CAN data!

A few days ago a customer asked if we could integrate with the OBD-II interface on pre-2008 ECUs on the Lotus Elise or Exige. Normally we’d say ‘sorry, not out of the box’, as 2008 was the year CAN was mandated on OBD-II. As it turns out from this post on LotusTalk, even the pre-OBDII/CAN […]

RaceCapture/Pro 2

RaceCapture/Pro MK2 Preorders Start Now!

Autosport Labs is proud to announce pre-orders for RaceCapture/Pro MK2 starts today! The pre-order price starts at $399 for a limited time. Pre-order here! New Features: 50HZ GPS Dual CAN bus support 1000Hz logging 7 Axis accelerometer Real-time telemetry module (optional, built-in module) A beautiful, touch oriented app and much more Order one now to get your […]

New team member: Andrew Stiegmann

Please welcome Andrew Stiegmann as ‘ASL official’ ! Andrew’s brief words just scratches the surface of how awesome he is: I’m a software hacker and open source enthusiast/contributor. Driver of race cars, karts, motorcycles and anything with wheels . Brewer. General adventurer. While he’s not racing, brewing or championing a progressive view of women’s role in motorsports, Andrew has been focusing […]

RaceCapture/Pro MK2 – launch target!

Pre-order date! Mark your calendars – Pre orders for RaceCapture/Pro MK2 start this Saturday, September 27 and shipping is targeted for early to mid November. Get on the mailing list to get the latest news on the MK2 progress and news! Calm before the storm. The last few weeks have seen a ton of activity […]

Announcing RaceCapture/Pro 2!

Autosport Labs is excited to announce the next generation of motorsports data logging: RaceCapture/Pro 2! We’ve been hard at work for the past months making this the best data logger and live telemetry system available anywhere. Incredible New Features: Directly connect a CAN-enabled OBD-II port You can even power RaceCapture/Pro from the OBD-II port – […]

New: Driver profiles on!

When we launched RaceCapture/Live over a year ago we wanted it to be the best and most affordable real-time telemetry system available. But we didn’t plan to stop there:  Our vision is to make RaceCapture/Live a place for you to share your racing activities, compare your laps with friends and follow other motorsports enthusiasts. Driver Profiles To kick […]

RaceCapture/Pro V2 app+firmware Beta – it’s here!

Months in the making Several months, in fact! For those who like bleeding edge technology,  head over to the links below and download, install, test and post some feedback in the forums! Links of Interest Read through the V2 Beta Documentation – this is a work in progress and will ultimately replace the main RaceCapture/Pro documentation. Download the latest app and […]

celesco sm1 string potentiometer

30 minute steering angle sensor install

Unlock the secrets of your fast drivers In the mad scramble during the last minutes before our 24 hours of Lemons race we remembered wanting to install a steering angle sensor so we could get the magical full driver data profile: throttle position, brake pressure and the elusive steering angle. Yes, we need all three of […]