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Messy business

Messy messy… Working on cars is often a messy business.  Pretending our leaky, neglected and abused LabRat is a race car just adds to the fun! Here’s a gem we just had to share.  Scott asks me for an oil pan to catch drips from the disconnected oil drain.  Not a drop went into the […]


Turbo mutiny

Tie me up! Tie Me Down! We’ve decided the turbo definitely has a hate-hate relationship with our car. Shortly after the track day testing we also discovered a turbo completely loose from the manifold.  This was the same exact problem that kept this car out of commission at 2008 Thunderhill LeMons! Then, it was nuts […]


Skylights and Cherrybombs

A view from the top In our last installment we showed how we augmented the roll cage to accommodate our ‘over-height’ drivers.  Actually, we’re all fairly normal (bodies, not brains) – average Americans driving a small Japanese roadster. So what are we to do for protection against late October elements since we can count on […]