Living up to a Name

Today- today is the day we make the final move to our ‘new’ Lab!  Yes, the one we’ve been preparing for months.  This blog post is a nod towards company boot-strapping, being the right size at the right time, and making do with what you have.  Oh, and having R&D work spill into the packing/shipping […]

Near Tangent, OR

We went, we broke it, we raced it, we returned

Thursday, May 5th: On this occasion the Autosport Labs team headed to Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA to attend “Goin’ for Broken 2010”. That’s a 24 Hours of LeMons event for those of you not knowing. We suffered the minor inconvenience of an overheated wheel bearing near Tangent, OR and fixed it hoping that […]