AT&T – new data plan option for RaceCapture/Pro wireless telemetry

Just enough data at the right place Good news for you data junkies: AT&T now has data-only plans starting at $15/month for 250MB – plenty for streaming wireless telemetry for a long endurance racing weekend. This is excellent news as AT&T seems to have superior coverage at many tracks, from the feedback we’ve received! Check out…

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Sponsored: Lars Wolfe Racing

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Lars Wolfe Racing and their new project “The Multi-Purpose Racer” The Multi-Purpose racer is based on the versatile Nissan Juke and will participate in a wide variety of racing, including stage rally, road racing, hill climbs and even drag racing. The exciting new RaceCapture/Pro technology provided by Autosport Labs will bring all fans LIVE information during the race from Lars and…

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RaceCapture/Pro Firmware 2.7.7 released

A bugfix release is now available for RaceCapture/Pro MK1 and MK2 that addresses a few minor issues and one important RPM related issue for MK1 users. Although this bugfix release does not reset your configuration if you’re updating from a 2.7.x release, we always advise you have the latest configuration saved for safe keeping. Changes in this…

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Control Mychron3 Dash with RaceCapture/Pro

Open Design + CAN bus support With the open design of RaceCapture/Pro you can do some pretty amazing things. Like control a Mychron3 dash over CAN bus! Current under research- check out the details. We can also receive data from virtually any CAN-enabled system and map them to wireless telemetry channels, streaming live data to the…

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