Team Benetton barfed on our race car!

Our first bit of work on the Miata before deciding to enter it in ChumpCar was to do a quick sanity check- perform a  brief mechanical inspection, and try to replace the door that was crushed up against the roll cage, lovingly received from a talent-starved competitor at LeMons Thunderhill 2008.  Our friend Vadim joined […]


Chump Car world series!

We’re sure we’ll look back thinking- why o why did we do this?!  But humans aren’t typically good at learning from other’s mistakes- and we’re sure as hell no exception! So we are entering a wheezy, beat up Mazda Miata with a cobbled together turbo kit into the inaugural ChumpCar World Series- an endurance event […]

I Like Cheese! And Technology.. and Race Cars.. Fast Women.. ARM processors.. and Mojitos…

Woo! I got first post!  Wait- it’s my blog. Oh… right. So, here’s the inaugural post of the Autosport Labs Blog. While most would assume it will be some sour mechanism for broadcasting what technology we’re designing, when we’re making it available, what features it has, why it’s so cool, blah,blah blah- the reality is […]