Autosport Labs new Lab!

Yes, Autosport Labs is a garage business. One of tens of thousands across this country – and world- that, in aggregate, are making the next industrial revolution. And, the time has finally come where we take that substantial step forward, make that big investment and affirm: “this is much more real”. After many months of…

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Megajolt Exposed!

I’ve been kicking around the idea of illustrating the birth of a Megajolt Lite Jr. (MJLJ) Programmable Ignition Controller.  While fulfilling a significant order for one of our major distributors, Boost Engineering, I was inspired to snap a picture of a work in progress. Yes, it’s a step mid-process in the assembly.  And trust me,…

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24 Hours of Lemons Scrapes-n-Spins Video

Back from 24 Hours of Lemons, Arse-Freeze-Apaloosa 2009! Scott and I had barrel full of Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys fun while driving the Peugeot 505 Turbo.  Here is our Scrapes-n-Spins video:  no long boring sections of driving, just hoony carnage, plain and simple! And yes: that is yours truly getting rear-ended in the video (and…

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Chasing in the dark

Doubt, the cold Halloween night air, and my balaclava diffusing every exhalation were resulting in the persistent fogging of my glasses (why hadn’t I thought of this?). I’m the second driver of the Autosport Lab Rats Team that’s about to be sacrificed to the night during the inaugural Chumpcar race at Portland International Raceway. The…

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The last time some of the Autosport Labs’ team members headed to Thunderhill Raceway our reverie of racing was impinged by the news that the car we had helped to prepare and planned to compete would not be joining us. Since then the Autosport Labs’-sponsored, Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey’s, $500 Crapcan, Peugeot 505 Turbo S…

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