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Three Stage Sequential Shift Light


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Product Description

Grab your attention while on track!

The Sequential Shift Light is a compact 4.2″ x 0.5″ rugged display with 3 stages of bright LEDs: green, yellow and red; 14 LEDs in total. The display can be directly controlled using the RaceCapture/Pro or Megajolt programmable outputs!

The display board is fully assembled/tested and is completely flat on the bottom; just solder your own wires to the board and use double-stick foam tape to mount on your dash, gauge cluster or whatever else you can think of!

See the Installation Guide for detailed info.

 Control It!

In RaceCapture/Pro you can set up a simple script to control when the LED stages light up. It’s easy to copy/paste and tweak our example code:

setTickRate(15) --15Hz

--Shift Now!!1!
function onTick() 
 rpm=getTimerRpm(0) --read RPM

 --activate LEDs
 if rpm > 5000 then setGpio(2,1) else setGpio(2,0) end 
 if rpm > 6000 then setGpio(1,1) else setGpio(1,0) end 
 if rpm > 7000 then setGpio(0,1) else setGpio(0,0) end

Other cool uses

Not just for telling you when to shift: The Lua script can be used to read any sensor connected to RaceCapture/Pro – your imagination is the limit!

Drift Gauge

Use the yaw sensor built in to RaceCapture/Pro to monitor your drift angle. Can you keep it in the yellow range?

Overheat warning

Overheating sucks. Don’t do it! With a little bit of Lua script you can have a 3 stage warning light for engine temperature

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