AnalogX – 4 channel Analog to CAN interface


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Product Description

Add 4 Analog channels to your CAN bus enabled data acquisition system

AnalogX is a compact and lightweight (6 grams) 4 channel Analog to CAN I/O expander, designed to be installed in-line with your wiring harness and specially designed for the harsh automotive electrical environment.

Works with compatible CAN enabled data system – RaceCapture, AiM, MoTeC, and even some ECUs that accept CAN data as input, like Megasquirt – check your system for compatibility – see the documentation for the CAN protocol.

Connect almost any sensor

Connect temperature, pressure, linear,  AFR, Boost – any 0-5v sensor and broadcast it over your CAN bus at a configurable sample rate between 1 and 255Hz (default is 50Hz)

Super lightweight and compact

Minimizing weight is paramount in race cars, and AnalogX adds only about 6 grams. It’s designed to install in-line with your wiring harness – no bulky harnesses or boxes to bolt down.

Automotive grade electronics

With an automotive grade power supply and fully buffered and protected inputs, it’s designed for the harsh electrical environment found in automobiles.  The ultra-high impedance inputs won’t drag down the signal it’s measuring, so you can confidently tap into existing sensors.

Run up to 4 on the same CAN bus

Jumpers on AnalogX lets you configure 4 AnalogX devices to run on the same CAN bus, for up to 16 analog inputs!

0.5 Amp 5v reference to power your sensors

AnalogX provides a 5v voltage reference with 0.5A available to power your sensors at the edge of your sensor network.

Full Documentation and simple CAN bus interface

Wiring and interfacing the CAN bus data will be a snap with your existing data system. Check out the full documentation on our wiki


Feature Description
Analog input voltage range 0 – 5v
DAC resolution 12 bit SAR
Sample output format 0 – 5000mV
Input impedance Greater than 10 Meg Ohm
Input voltage protection 100v
Pullup resistor Optional on-board 2.2K pullup resistor for each channel (jumper enabled)
Power input 9 – 15volts, protected to 40v (intermittent)
Weight 6 grams
Dimensions 0.72″ x 1.93″ (18.3mm x 48.7mm)
CAN baud rate 500K and 1M, jumper configurable
Address Space 4 separate address spaces allows up to 4 AnalogX modules to operate on the same CAN network. (jumper configurable)

Parts in the Kit

In the kit you will receive:

  • AnalogX module
  • 4 wire power and CAN pigtail
  • 6 wire analog sensor input pigtail
  • 1″ shrink tube for installation

Additional Information

multi pack

Single, 2 pack, 4 pack

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  1. 5 out of 5


    My application is for general-purpose CAN data acquisition, not with the ASL DAQ system. To my amazement the card arrived in only a few days despite the Covid lockdown (April 2020). I am a designer with an industrial DAQ manufacturer and the AnalogX card is a nicely engineered piece of work. My company could not build this for $100. Online documentation was perfect, worked first time precisely as documented. Well thought out, even came with a heat-shrink sleeve to insulate it at installation. I am very happy with the product and ordering another one today.

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