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Add WiFi connectivity for your RaceCapture/Pro MK2

This add-on module enables WiFi connectivity for your RaceCapture/Pro MK2, allowing it communicate with and control other devices on the network!

GoPro camera control

Tired of tons of useless camera footage of your pit spot, or worse – forgetting to start the camera before the big race? Now you can automatically control your GoPro over it’s built-in WiFi connection.

With your RaceCapture/Pro and a custom script we’ve provided you’ll be able to automatically start and stop your GoPro using a speed based trigger, so you only record the racing action you want, and nothing else. This saves your GoPro battery, memory card, and needing to sift through tons of wasted footage.

It’s fully documented in our Wiki and quick to set up with your RaceCapture/Pro!

iOS support and Android over WiFi

The WiFi module adds connectivity to the RaceCapture app, allowing you to use your iOS device to connect to RaceCapture/Pro MK2. Works with Android too!  Note, if you enable GoPro control you’ll not be able to connect the RaceCapture app over WiFi; you’ll need Bluetooth connectivity for the RaceCapture app wireless connection.

Easy to connect

Just plug the WiFi module into the auxiliary port on your RaceCapture/Pro using the included cable and mount in a convenient location.

What is included

  • WiFi Module
  • RJ11 cable


Compatibility Notes

  • For RaceCapture/Pro MK2 only.
  • RaceCapture/Pro MK1 is not compatible as the auxiliary port is not present.

Additional information

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