A powerful, expandable and customizable lap timer, data logger and telemetry system for your race or street car. Starting at $429.




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RaceCapture/Pro is Autosport Labs’ premier telemetry and data acquisition system designed for track day enthusiasts to professional endurance racers. Analyze your lap times, record speed, acceleration, yaw and engine data. Display predicted lap time and sensor values on an Android dash in-car. Send wireless telemetry in real-time to race-capture.com where you can view your car’s data live on the web, enabling you to make split second decisions based on data that wins races.

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RaceCapture/Pro saved us and helped us get on the podium twice last year.

Scott BartonBMW CCA, SCCA driver and coach


Directly connect a CAN-enabled OBD-II port

You can even power RaceCapture/Pro from the OBD-II port – it’s plug and play, with the optional OBD-II cable!  (2008+ ECUs, 1997-2007 with external adapter)

Two CAN channels = massive expansion

  • 4 wheel tire temperature sensors
  • 4 wheel tire pressure sensors
  • Per-cylinder EGT… and more!


RaceCapture/Pro allowed us to take the guess work out of changing a car’s setup.

Chris WynneRS Werkes Pirelli World Challenge Data Analyst


50Hz GPS Technology

  • Record lap times, split times and view predicted time too!
  • True 50Hz GPS performance – not simulated!
  • Enjoy finer grained analysis, with automatic down sampling for real-time telemetry


7 Axis Accelerometer, Gyro and Compass

  • Analyze car dynamics using the advanced 6+1 axis accelerometer, gyro and compass (compass available in 2.9.x firmware)
  • Measure under and oversteer conditions
  • Compare shock, spring and swaybar adjustments


1000Hz sample rate: standard

  • Did we say powerful? 1000 samples per second enables measuring shock travel and other high speed sensors on the dedicated sensor ports
  • All channels can be sampled at individual rates, and automatically downsample for telemetry
  • With suspension travel sensors it’s like a 4 wheel shock dyno, right on the track!


Over 3x more horsepower

  • Telemetry data with real-world values – no post-processing needed!
  • Create custom Virtual Channels that process on the fly
    • Far more powerful than the “Maths Channels” found in other systems
    • Calculate gear position, efficiency ratios, and more
  • On-board Lua Scripting lets you control warning lights, fans – even Active Aero!


Beautiful, touch oriented app

  • Use your own phone or tablet and do it all trackside – Leave the laptop at home!
  • Dashboard: watch lap times and sensor data
  • Analysis: Analyze telemetry and compare laps
  • Configuration: Calibrate sensors, sample rates and more!


Real-time telemetry: Built in!

  • Designed from the ground up for cloud-connectivity, the internal telemetry option makes for a simple, all-in-one installation.
  • Future Proof: take advantage of the latest cellular technology with the upgradeable internal module


The real time aspect of RaceCapture Pro proved it’s worth when I identified a temperature problem (fan failure) before the car even made it out of the pit lane.

Rob HenrettaTechnik HQ – Team Principal


Online telemetry

  • View real-time telemetry on race-capture.com from anywhere in the world via a computer, tablet or smartphone!
  • Monitor driver and engine performance in real-time.
  • Diagnose issues before your car comes into the pits.
  • Coach drivers and improve lap times without pit stops.
  • Share and compare your laps with fans and friends.




Input / Output Channels
Analog Inputs
Channels 8 (battery voltage dedicated on channel 8)
Voltage range 0-5v
Input impedance 1M ohm
Voltage protection 400v (intermittent)
ADC precision 12 bit
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
Mapping Raw / Linear formula / Interpolated map
Digital I/O
Channels 3
Output mode type Open drain
Output current capacity 1A, inductive clamped
Input mode voltage range 0-12v
input voltage protection 400v (intermittent)
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
Timer Inputs (RPM / Frequency)
Channels 3
Input voltage protection 400v (intermittent)
Maximum sample rate 1000Hz
PWM/Analog outputs
PWM output type push/pull
PWM output voltage range 5v
Output current capacity 50mA
Analog Output 0-5v
Voltage Reference
Output Voltage/Capacity 5v / 1A
CAN Channels 2
CAN baud rate 125K, 250K, 500K, 1M baud
CAN filters 14 per channel
Protocol support OBDII PID, custom CAN messaging
Cellular Quad-band GSM (internal module, optional)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0 (external module, optional)
MicroSD Card
Up to 32GB (SDHC)
Type External RJ11
Max Baud Rate 230400
Inertial Motion Unit
Accelerometer Channels 3 (X/Y/Z) (2G, 4G capable)
Gyro 3 (Yaw/Pitch/Roll) (1000 degrees/sec)
Magnetic compass 1 (Bearing) (device capable of 3) (available in 2.9.x firmware)
GPS Type External active antenna
GPS Maximum sample rate 50Hz
GPS accuracy 2.5M CEP
Configuration Capacity
Auto-detect track database 240
Sectors per track 20
Channel support 200
Dimensions 5.3″ (w) x 4.2″ (h) x 1.2″ (tall) / 135x110x31 mm(est)
Weight 9oz / 255gm (est)