Privacy Policy

Autosport Labs Privacy Policy

Autosport Labs online store really simple privacy policy

Your personal information

Information such as name, address, phone number, email, and credit card number is used only for:

  1. Processing orders;
  2. Communicating order status;
  3. or communicating important information about a product you already ordered.

We feel the same as you about securing private information! Autosport Labs is only concerend about developing the latest in DIY automotive technologies- under no circumstances will Autosport Labs ever sell, rent, lease, or share this information!

Credit Card information

All credit card processing takes place on a secure server with no paper copy of your credit card information, secured with state-of-the art 256-bit encryption.

We want you to be confident in a secure shopping experience! If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, or concerns about your order, please email us at [email protected]