RaceCapture Kickstarter: Rev B board is alive! WiFi module! 1.4.3 RaceCapture app!

(You can also find this post in our Kickstarter update!) Got data? SOON. Rev B board: built and smoke tested It’s alive! We got the Rev B board built and smoke tested – meaning, we did basic verification of GPS, IMU (Accelerometer / Gyro) and CAN bus. Passing smoke test didn’t surprise us this time as it’s very […]

RaceCapture app v1.4.2 and RaceCapture/Pro MK1 firmware v2.8.6 released

RaceCapture app: Analysis beta, dashboard and core improvements A number of improvements, mostly around the Beta analysis features but also in the core system and dashboard mode have been added. Get it for Windows / OSX from our software downloads section. 1.4.2 is available as Beta in the Google Play store. Instructions on participating in the […]