Enhanced Telemetry buffering with RaceCapture / PodiumConnect firmware 2.17.0 + RaceCapture app 1.16.0

We’re pleased to announce an important update to RaceCapture and PodiumConnect that dramatically improves real-time telemetry performance to podium.live Enhanced buffering Now, if you are racing at a track with sections that have marginal cellular conditions, your RaceCapture or PodiumConnect system will buffer telemetry data until you are back in coverage. When re-connected, data will […]

Updated: 1.15.2/ 2.16.0 released — Now available – RaceCapture 1.15.0 App / 2.16.0 firmware with important new features!

Edit: RaceCapture App 1.15.2 with some minor fixes is now available – instructions for installation same as before. See the end of this post for full change log 1.15.2 iOS app is pending approval with Apple iTunes. ==1.15.2== * Dashboard: Prevent auto-dismiss of track builder dialog if track builder is in progress * Setup: Detect […]