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Podium app 0.5.3 available – performance & stability boosts

We have a small update to the Podium app – 0.5.3 has been released, which updates the base application framework to boost performance and improve stability. By the way, have you tested the Podium app on an iPad? It flies even on a 9th gen iPad mini! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xqCc8msZb0 The Podium app also works great on…

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RaceCapture app 2.15.3 released with WiFi bug fixes

We have a small update to the RaceCapture app that as a couple of small but important fixes. Improved WiFi connectivity to the RaceCapture device We’ve fixed a problem around the the initial connection attempt for the RaceCapture app when connecting to RaceCapture via WiFi. We found an issue where the connection can take a…

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New Product: ESP32-CAN-X2 CAN bus development board hardened for automotive environments

https://www.autosportlabs.com/product/esp32-can-x2-dual-can-bus-automotive-grade-development-board For customers wanting to do custom CAN bus enabled sensors and widgets we’ve always recommended they “Get an Arudino + CAN bus shield. Oh, and also get an automotive-grade power supply”. We got tired of seeing these messes of boards and wires in harsh automotive environments, so we came out with a fun development…

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Podium app 0.5.2 – all about the bug fixes!

Featured image: Apex of Failure V8 powered RX7. Thanks Drew Shephardson for the photo! Taking a breath from the major features around the next gen dashboard gauges, we thought it would be good to do a bit of cleanup around bugs and usability enhancements. Many of these have the goal to make the Podium app…

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Podium app 0.5.0 with next gen linear gauges

Next generation linear gauges! Completing our trifecta of next-gen gauges, the new linear gauges brings tremendous design flexibility and creativity. Background, needle, and mask bitmaps Optionally customize the gauge with a combination of background images to set a custom bitmap; use the mask to constrain what is shown as the gauge changes data (great for…

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