About Autosport Labs

Founded by Brent Picasso and Kelley Picasso in 2008, Autosport Labs is passionate about developing technology for motorsport and street applications. We started off small, providing kits for the early version of the Megajolt Ignition controller, and developed our knowledge of what it takes to design and deliver across the entire product lifecycle.

Plug and play easy, yet powerful and open

At Autosport Labs, our products are easy to use for beginners, yet offer powerful features when you’re ready to unlock them.

For the beginner and those just getting started – expect plug and play convenience for hardware, easy to use, convenient presets, self-guided setup in our apps.

For the expert and beginners transitioning to wanting more power- expect sophisticated tools to customize the behavior of your system – nothing is dumbed down!

Community oriented

At Autosport Labs, we develop world-class open source motorsports technology: and that cuts across the grain of other motorsports companies, in a good way.

Instead of locking you in to proprietary, expensive solutions we work to be inclusive, open and play well with other systems. We accomplish this through the talent of our core team, and through the contributions of our  extended community:

You’re not technical? That’s ok! Use our technology to level-up your race strategy, enhance your track day or autocross race car or even improve your daily driver. By using our technology you can provide feedback, suggestions and even use it as an educational experience.

We are full stack

While many identify as only hardware or software companies, we have expertise across the entire stack and we love to apply it! From using cutting edge hardware to the latest web and mobile application frameworks  – the Autosport Labs team thrills in mashing up the best technologies to create amazingly integrated solutions.

We are Race Car Drivers

We run our own technology by campaigning our own race cars in 24 Hours of Lemons, Lucky Dog Racing League, and SCCA Solo2 Autocross. Check out the gallery below!

Brent Picasso
Founder, Race Car Driver, Chief Mouth Frother and Engineer – responsible for hardware, firmware, software and biz strategy. Ask Brent what he thinks of Lua
Kelley Picasso
Founder, President, Race Car Driver, Chief Ass Kicker – responsible for business management, strategy, Ideation and Production Process
Fred Schechter, Advisor
Race car driver, industrial designer secret weapon, product design, social media, marketing, testing, and ideation

Manufacturing Capabilities

On top of making for race and street, we actually build, test and assemble all of our own hardware – right here in the Pacific Northwest.