RaceCapture 2.10.3 released! Yep, already!

Just some small fixes this time! This time we have a small collection of usability fixes + improvements to the dashboard analysis view for line charts and time gap gauges. See the changelog below for details. You will get this update automatically on Android/iOS/Fire devices. Available on all platforms. Seriously. The RaceCapture app runs basically…

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RaceCapture app 2.10.2 – new text and bitmap gauges + a bunch of fixes

Bitmap Gauges Now you can add bitmap gauges to your RaceCapture dashboard configurations! Deceptively simple, you can use them to create logos, dashboard backgrounds, and even “dummy lights” – indicators that show a specific condition based on the alert rules you define. Here’s an example of how you can use it : Text on…

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RaceCapture app 2.9.0 with improved video support, plus a better Raspberry Pi installer

Video improvements Now, when you import data and video into analysis we’ll massage your video (technically called “transcode”) to ensure playback is smooth and optimized. This is a step towards full and robust Video + data integration, where video is precisely timed with your data logs. Video Gauge in the dashboard We’ve enabled the…

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