RaceCapture app 2.12.0 – next generation analog gauges!

It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle! We’ve released our next generation analog gauges and you can start playing with them today. Beautiful, photo-realistic gauges With our super flexible analog gauge editor, you can design your own beautiful gauges and the dashboards that contain them. Get crazy! You can also design any crazy or fun gauge you’d like…

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RaceCapture CAN preset for General Motors Camaro 6th generation – 2016+

One of our awesome customers, Clyde Caplan, provided us with a CAN mapping for the 6th gen Camaro (2016+). This adds a number of useful channels:RPMTPS (Throttle Position)Wheel SpeedBaroPress (Barometric Pressure)EngineTempIAT (Inlet Air Temperature)OilTempOilPressSteering (Steering Angle)Brake (Brake Pressure)Installing is easy, just go to Setup / CAN Mapping, then press Presets. Press the cloud Update button,…

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RaceCapture app 2.11.0 / firmware 2.20.0 – new cellular feature for worldwide coverage + lots of fixes

Cellular Profiles aren’t APNs! Applies to RaceCapture/Pro with 4G cellular and all PodiumConnect systems with 4GRequires firmware 2.2.0 Our new cellular profile feature lets you tune the system for better compatibility in various worldwide regions.The default cellular profile was (and still is) to simply configure the profile via the currently inserted SIM card, allowing the…

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