Announcing RaceCapture/Pro 2!

Autosport Labs is excited to announce the next generation of motorsports data logging: RaceCapture/Pro 2! We’ve been hard at work for the past months making this the best data logger and live telemetry system available anywhere. Incredible New Features: Directly connect a CAN-enabled OBD-II port You can even power RaceCapture/Pro from the OBD-II port – […]

New: Driver profiles on!

When we launched RaceCapture/Live over a year ago we wanted it to be the best and most affordable real-time telemetry system available. But we didn’t plan to stop there:  Our vision is to make RaceCapture/Live a place for you to share your racing activities, compare your laps with friends and follow other motorsports enthusiasts. Driver Profiles To kick […]

RaceCapture/Pro V2 app+firmware Beta – it’s here!

Months in the making Several months, in fact! For those who like bleeding edge technology,  head over to the links below and download, install, test and post some feedback in the forums! Links of Interest Read through the V2 Beta Documentation – this is a work in progress and will ultimately replace the main RaceCapture/Pro documentation. Download the latest app and […]