Pre- CAN/OBD-II Lotus Elise/Exige – you CAN data!

A few days ago a customer asked if we could integrate with the OBD-II interface on pre-2008 ECUs on the Lotus Elise or Exige. Normally we’d say ‘sorry, not out of the box’, as 2008 was the year CAN was mandated on OBD-II. As it turns out from this post on LotusTalk, even the pre-OBDII/CAN […]

RaceCapture/Pro 2

RaceCapture/Pro MK2 Preorders Start Now!

Autosport Labs is proud to announce pre-orders for RaceCapture/Pro MK2 starts today! The pre-order price starts at $399 for a limited time. Pre-order here! New Features: 50HZ GPS Dual CAN bus support 1000Hz logging 7 Axis accelerometer Real-time telemetry module (optional, built-in module) A beautiful, touch oriented app and much more Order one now to get your […]

New team member: Andrew Stiegmann

Please welcome Andrew Stiegmann as ‘ASL official’ ! Andrew’s brief words just scratches the surface of how awesome he is: I’m a software hacker and open source enthusiast/contributor. Driver of race cars, karts, motorcycles and anything with wheels . Brewer. General adventurer. While he’s not racing, brewing or championing a progressive view of women’s role in motorsports, Andrew has been focusing […]