RaceCapture/Pro 2.8.0 firmware and RaceCapture App 1.3.0 available now

We’re happy to announce version 2.8.0 of the RaceCapture/Pro firmware and 1.3.0 of our RaceCapture app! These releases are chock full of bug fixes and new features. Download it now from our new software releases page. (Backup your config first!) Highlights New status screen that shows the status of all of RaceCapture/Pro’s components, which makes […]

New feature: compare real-time telemetry between different drivers and cars

Not just who’s faster, but why! Lap times only tell you who’s faster. But why? A brand new real-time feature for the Race Capture telemetry system: Compare laps between drivers and cars at the same event. It’s simple- have your friends join the same event, put down some laps and navigate to the event view. There you […]