I Like Cheese! And Technology.. and Race Cars.. Fast Women.. ARM processors.. and Mojitos…

Woo! I got first post!  Wait- it’s my blog. Oh… right.

So, here’s the inaugural post of the Autosport Labs Blog. While most would assume it will be some sour mechanism for broadcasting what technology we’re designing, when we’re making it available, what features it has, why it’s so cool, blah,blah blah- the reality is it will be my (our) outlet- working out our demons, if you will- cathartically sucking the  life-force from you, our community. And you will love it and give it up willingly.

Oh, and we’ll also talk about the convergence of automotive technology, electronics, software, your collective brains, and whatever else piques our base sensibilities!

Teaser: we’re also entering a race car in a 24 hour race- we have a crack team (who are seemingly on crack..) assembled and ready to go.  More coming soon!