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Ignition Driver board

Jolt4 Ignition driver board

What does one do when down for the count with illness, pumped up with antibiotics and prescription cough medicine? Why, they design some hardware.  My friend, Karel Jennings was working on a coil on plug solution & wanted a driver board for his BMW Megasquirt project so we collaborated on a design. While this is one of several driver boards out there, it seemed there was space for one more. And we agreed we should make the design available under an Open Source License.



  • Up to 4 ignition drivers supported
  • 10 pin molex connector for ease of use
  • LEDs indicating driver activity (requires additional drive current of 3-6ma) (oooh, aahhh)
  • Heat-sinking from bottom of PC board- transistors are soldered down.
  • 2.48 x 3.14″ board sized to fit our non-ugly compact aluminum enclosure (or other enclosure accepting 2.5″ width PC Boards)

More Information

Full project information & downloads can be found here on our wiki

We’ve ordered some RevA boards through our favorite, not-so-secret prototype board service . We should be testing this in a couple of weeks. Whee!

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