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New Dealer: John Freund Racing

We’re excited to announce our newest dealer, John Freund Racing!

John Freund Racing ( is a boutique electronics manufacturer for grassroots motorsports focused products.  John Freund Racing designs and builds innovative electronic systems making complex and expensive motorsports technologies more accessible to the entry level racer.  Owned by a 22 year motorsports track enthusiast and IT engineering veteran John Freund Racing is the definition of little guy as it’s literally just John Freund in his office designing and producing systems for customers.  Small volume means a more hands-on tailored experience when choosing what ASL products you need for success.  A long time ASL user and community contributor John is here to figure out what you need (and what you don’t!) to get the most out of ASL products at the right price for your budget.  

Located in Northern Virginia John races frequently at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia and Virginia International Raceway in Virginia, so look for him there as he is always glad to help a fellow racer, and especially fellow Autosport Labs enthusiasts!

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