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The CoilX RPM input module allows you to safely sense and filter the RPM pulse from an ignition coil primary winding and create a signal that can be safely handled by the RaceCapture/Pro RPM/Pulse input channel.

The module features an optically isolated circuit with additional filtering to help prevent false triggers.

The super-compact and lightweight 1″ x 0.5″ module is designed to be assembled with heat shrink and bundled in-line with your wiring harness.

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2 reviews for CoilX RPM Input adapter

  1. Michigan Baja Racing

    We bought a CoilX to put on our 2015 Baja racing vehicle. We compete in competitions all over the country with varying types of environments and the CoilX has provided consistent and reliable data through all of them. Plus it’s really easy to implement.

  2. Tim O’Brien (verified owner)

    I converted my Volvo 1800ES from a Bosch D-Jetronic f.i. to a SpeeduinoV0.3.7 and needed to find a clean RPM sensor to send to the ECU and avoid retro fitting a cam or crank timing wheel and sensor. This coil-x device is AWESOME! With it I solved 2 months of trial and error getting a clean signal. Thank-you ASL. I strongly endorse your product!

    • Brent Picasso

      We love the 1800ES! please send pics. Glad the CoilX worked well for you!

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