RaceCapture/Track MK1 – clearance


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RaceCapture/Track MK1, clearance item!

Flashed with the latest firmware and tested. Main unit only, no cables included.

Cabling options:
* OBDII – use a Scangauge II RJ45 cable: https://www.ebay.com/itm/166205611573
* Custom wiring for power + data: Use an RJ45 ethernet cable (wiring pinout is on our wiki)

More product information https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/RaceCapture-Track

Product Summary
* High performance GPS module built in
* 6 axis accelerometer / gyro on board
* USB and WiFi interface (no bluetooth)
* 1 CAN bus network (10 direct CAN channel support / 10 OBDII channels)
* Compatible with RaceCapture app via USB and WiFi
* No Lua scripting support

This item is sold as-is with a 15 day DOA warranty.

Please note:

* Tech support is via our community (links at the top)
* Keep away from focused sunlight – high heat environments will soften the enclosure. place under a sun shield or under the dashboard (ensuring no metal is above the unit, to prevent GPS interference)
* For best data transmission, use the USB connection option (Android, Raspberry Pi, laptop, video+data streamer). With the WiFi connection, expect periodic jitter in the data. WiFi data connection is smoothest when connecting directly to RaceCapture’s access point vs a common hotspot.

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