RaceCapture App 1.10.2 release

Over 50 improvements and fixes!

Improved Performance and Touch Responsiveness

By far, this is the biggest change we made based on your feedback: performance and touch responsiveness are significantly improved throughout the app! Selecting items, scrolling through lists, pressing buttons, and general responsiveness is now a pleasant experience.  We owe this improvement to a new version of the Kivy framework used by the RaceCapture App, first rolled out in the beta 1.10.0 RaceCapture app and verified by our diligent beta testers. Thank you for pushing all the buttons on the app and your priceless feedback!

Improved App Startup Time

We’re thrilled to report that app launch times are faster – in some cases by 2x!  Check it out for yourself on repeated launches (Note, the first launch after install is a bit slower due to unpacking of files)

Runs Everywhere: Full support across 5 platforms and distribution channels

We know your favorite devices and platforms are important to you, and having them play well with our products is a high priority for us as well. We’re proud to be supported on 5 different platforms and distribution channels:

  • iOS
  • Android (Google Play)
  • Android (Amazon App Store)
  • Windows
  • OS X


Improvements to Analysis mode

We’ve poured a ton of work into improving stability for Analysis, with a major focus on bug fixing, performance, and stability improvements.  See the change log below for details!

Ready for New Features

Improving stability, usability, performance, and getting us solidly on all the platforms sets us up for some great new features in the 1.11.0 release – it’s like a coiled spring ready to go!

Download and update today

Get the 1.10.2 RaceCapture app today:

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RaceCapture App on Amazon App Store

RaceCapture App for Windows

RaceCapture App for OS X

Full Change Log

* Core: ensure MK1 compatibility by checking on friendlyName instead of serial #
* Core: Improve BetterButton text scaling
* Analysis: Gracefully handle missing lap info when selecting a 'lap'

* Setup: Allow spaces and underscores in channel names, filter all other characters. #1416
* Setup: Expand pulse per revolution setting in UI to 100. #1413
* Core: fixed thread collision between updating dashboard and receiving data #1414
* Core: fixed error resizing / positioning Toast popup #1412
* Analysis: Handle interruption / reset of Interval channel when displaying line charts by time #1418
* Analysis: Prevent session recording from immediately stopping if disconnect occurs #1415
* Analysis: Extend session recorder schedule stop from 1 to 2 minutes #1419

* Core: Kivy 1.10.0 support
* Core: Improve touch and scroll responsiveness
* Core: Improve startup speed
* Status: Improve WiFi status message

* Core: Improve contrast for help popup #1403
* Core: Add scrollbars throughout app where possible #1402
* Core: Allow Windows non-administrative install (install per user or all users) #1391
* Core: Prevent invalid version data from halting connection attempts #1390
* Core: All numeric input fields now show a numeric-only soft keyboard on mobile devices #1360
* Core: Make icon file chooser available for file browsing #1309
* Core: Fix erroneous 0.0.0 version error message #869
* Core: Fix periodic popup bubble error #743
* Setup: Fix problem copying text in RaceCapture with garbage characters in windows platform #1393
* Setup: Fixed incorrect layout for Bluetooth settings #1379
* Setup: Adjust geo fence for Australia region #1373
* Setup: Limit channel names to alphanumerical characters #1370
* Setup: Fix window rendering issue on track selection #1361
* Setup: Lua Script window auto-scrolls to match the current cursor position #1325
* Setup: Show warning message if distance or speed is disabled in GPS channels #1306
* Setup: add new T-mobile APN
* Setup: Fix duplicate characters when soft keyboard is used in Lua scripting view #1120
* Status: Fix error when status reader doesn't receive GPS status #1386
* Status: Improve misleading status message 'Bad or Missing SIM card' #1382
* Session Recording: fix issue with internal data collision #1362
* Session Recording: Record session in background thread to keep UI performant #1094
* Analysis: Allow analysis mode when lap timing is disabled #1397
* Analysis: Fix session edit dialog proportion #1393
* Analysis: Fix error when LapTime column is missing #1388
* Analysis: Fix divide by zero issue in some cases when drawing a track map #1385
* Analysis: Fix issue parsing date / time for Trackmap display #1376
* Analysis: Fix cases where timestamp in session list is truncated #1375
* Analysis: Fixed case where trackmap heatmap percentage fails to calculate #1374
* Analysis: Fix race condition where session dropdown fails to load, requested to show before it's ready #1371
* Analysis: Handle case where there are no X chart values #1368
* Analysis: Fix zero division in line chart #1364
* Analysis: Fix periodic error where popup fails to dismiss #1363
* Analysis: Fix importing of log file with channel name containing spaces #1358
* Analysis: Fix errors rendering channel values after removing a session #1357
* Analysis: fix errors when rendering analysis lap legends after deleting a session #1356
* Analysis: Fix ellipsis on time field for session list
* Analysis: Show advisory message if there are no sessions in the dropdown #1232
* Analysis: Fix cramped import log file screen (phone form factor)
* Analysis: Enhance readability of timestamp in saved sessions #1092
* Analysis: Remember trackmap selection for a particular location #1002
* Analysis: Prevent error if no file is selected during datastore import #938
* Analysis: Prevent error if already removed channel is removed again #937