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RaceCapture app 1.12.0 / Firmware 2.13.0 beta available

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This is a big release!

Several months in the making, this app and firmware release brings serious ease of use and long awaited features. Read on to see just the highlights – and check out the full change log at the bottom to see all of the improvements.

Officially Beta, but we think it’s better

We really poured a lot of time and testing into this release. If all looks positive from feedback, we may just stamp it as an official release; otherwise we’ll have a point-release to fix any small issues that come up. Let’s see how well we did!

Enhanced setup experience

The first time setup is now a comprehensive guided experience that gets you going as smoothly as possible. Choose an optional preset that applies to your car, set up your favorite race tracks and configure telemetry, all in a step-by-step process:


Presets, Presets and Presets!

CAN Bus Mappings

RaceCapture App 1.11.0 brought sophisticated CAN bus presets, and now we’re closing the loop with the ability to pre-select CAN bus configurations, making it a snap to import mappings for many channels at once. It’s damn near plug-and-play!

OBDII Channel Presets

Like the CAN bus presets, OBDII has it’s own world of standard and OEM specific channels. You’ll be able to import presets for standard channels as well as OEM specific mappings for Toyota, Subaru, Ford, Nissan and much more.

Easy Button, Meet Analog Presets

A long time coming, and we’re excited it’s finally done.  RaceCapture/Pro and RaceCapture/Apex feature sophisticated analog channel mapping capabilities, but they really need to be paired with an easy button to quickly import a sensor calibration. Now,  v1.12.0 will bring you the ability to map sensors from a library of presets – so easy!

Analog Smoothing

We’ve exposed a hidden firmware feature – analog channel smoothing. This will help account for slosh in your fuel tank, or smooth out other sensor readings.


New Dashboard Visualizations

A stashed feature we pushed across the finish line – this is one that has some amazing potential as we grow the capabilities.  In an effort to visualize race car data beyond your typical squiggly lines, these new dashboard views will stimulate your eyeballs as much as they will quickly convey critical information.

3D Accelerometer / Gyro View

We have a 6 channel Accelerometer + Gyro, so why not show what it actually looks like? Why not indeed:

You’ll enjoy this as one of the new dashboard views available in 1.12.0.  So, tell us – what car models are we missing?

Heatmap View

Tire and brake temperature sensors generate enormous amounts of data, and it’s a challenge to deal with it in a meaningful way.  That’s why we created the new heatmap dashboard screen to help wrap your brain around the data in a way that shocks your retina. We think you’ll agree:

Easier Alerts Configuration

We feel bad we let this one slide for so long. Configuring alert ranges has been more than challenging, making it tough to select precise values, especially on a small screen.  We’ve added the ability to set the alert ranges directly, which should bring significant relief to just about everyone out there.  Again, sorry this one took so long!

Automatic Logging and GoPro Camera Control

We’d be incomplete if we didn’t mention it here, but it really deserves it’s own blog post. Combined with the 2.13.0 firmware, we’re bringing automatic logging control + synchronized camera control – no Lua scripting needed!


For camera control, we’re working on updating our Wiki with comprehensive instructions – but the quick start involves:

  • Enabling app WiFi control on your camera, and noting the SSID and password
  • Configure RaceCapture’s WiFi client to connect to the GoPro camera using the SSID and password you specified
  • Configure the start trigger with the parameters you want and test!


  • Due to variances in GoPro hero cameras, especially with Hero 4/5 WiFi stability, the camera control is currently considered experimental.
  • Due to limitations in the WiFi integration, built-in WiFi control is not supported on RaceCapture/Pro MK2. However, you can still control GoPro cameras as before using Lua scripting, as documented in the wiki

Download and test today

Testing Feedback

Post your testing feedback in the RaceCapture Support Facebook group or in the Autosport Labs support forums!


  • Download the 2.13.0 firmware package for your platform, paying attention to the hardware version (RaceCapture/Pro MK2/MK3, RaceCapture/Apex, RaceCapture/Track) from our downloads page: Get the 2.13.0 beta firmware packages
  • Back up your current RaceCapture/Pro configuration by reading the current from your unit and saving it to a file. This is important as your system will revert to factory defaults after upgrading.
  • Update your firmware using the firmware update screen under Setup. Video Guide
  • When complete, your firmware will report the 2.13.0 version number in the status bar when you connect to your RaceCapture system.


Windows, OSX, Raspberry Pi v1.12.0 installers: Get it from our downloads page under the App Beta section, and follow the standard installation process. If installing on the Raspberry Pi, follow the special Raspberry Pi installation guide.


Note: If you un-install your current version be sure to first export and save any sessions you may have, as these will be wiped along with the app data.

Google Play: Opt in to the Google Play beta for the 1.12.0 app Note, if it does not auto-upgrade, you may need to first un-install the older app

Amazon App store (Fire devices): Amazon does not have a way to beta test apps, so you will need to manually install the APK until it is fully released. Install the .apk directly from our downloads page.

iOS: Not available yet, we are working through a 3D rendering issue before we can submit it to the Apple store. We’ll update this space when it is available.

Full Change Log

RaceCapture Firmware

= 2.13.0 =
* Core: Ensure Distance channel is always enabled, even if hardware GPS is disabled
* Core: Improve debouncing of front panel Action button
* Core: Update firmware friendly name for RaceCapture/Track to RaceCapture/Track (was just RaceCapture)
* Core: Properly Disable IMU channels if device does not support it
* Core: Fix periodic crash/resets when uploading full configuration via bluetooth
* Logging: Add GoPro camera control (experimental)
* Logging: Ensure action button remains active if GPIO hardware isn't present
* Logging: Enable auto-logger by default
* Lua: current channel values in Lua (inc. direct CAN mapping)
* Lua: Increase Lua memory availability by 20%
* CAN Mapping: Properly decode bit mode little endian values
* CAN Mapping: Add sub-id CAN mapping capabilities
* OBDII: Ensure OBDII PID mode is returned as unsigned value
* OBDII: Support additional OBDII modes
* Telemetry: Set UTC time from telemetry link if UTC time isn't locally available
* Cellular: Improve cell module connection time by reducing time lingering when cell module is in a bad state
* Cellular: read signal strength after registered on network to ensure getting a valid value
* Cellular: Switch default APN to FreedomPop

RaceCapture App

* Core: Add keyboard shortcuts for navigating app 
* Core: Improve exit button behavior on mobile 
* Core: Fix false error complaining about OpenGL 1.1 when 2.1 is actually present 
* Core: improve spacing / proportions for iOS 
* Core: Gracefully handle statusview errors when status values aren't available 
* Core: Fix runtime error: cannot release un-acquired lock 
* Core: Include missing msvcr100.dll for windows platform 
* Dashboard: Save preferences faster when changing dashboard gauges 
* Dashboard: Save preferences if you un-set a dashboard gauge 
* Dashboard: Fix 'division by zero' error if you select a channel with no range defined (like Interval) 
* Dashboard: Improve dashboard gauge customization - allow ranges to be directly specified, improve touch response 
* Dashboard: Add real-time tire / brake temperature dashboard page 
* Dashboard: Add real-time 3D G-force / gyro dashboard page 
* Dashboard: Ensure tachometer shows alert colors for default RPM channel 
* Analysis: Improve performance of in-app session recording 
* Analysis: Gracefully handle invalid data upon export 
* Analysis: Gracefully handle corrupted data in imported datalog 
* Analysis: Fix duplicate column name error upon import, (allow case insensitive channel names) 
* Status: Add human readable cellular signal strength indicator to status view 
* Setup: Enhance first-time setup with system wide presets screen 
* Setup: Enhance first-time setup with cell carrier option screen 
* Setup: Enhance first-time setup with favorite track selection screen 
* Setup: Add PodiumConnect to first time setup wizard 
* Setup: Add additional OBDII PIDs to dropdown 
* Setup: Enable CAN channel mapping with sub-IDs 
* Setup: Sort list of tracks by name 
* Setup: Add FreedomPop APN 
* Setup: Enable 11/29 bit OBDII selection switch 
* Setup: Allow 32 bit OBDII mode values 
* Setup: UI for camera control and auto logging control 
* Setup: Rework Analog mapping editor to clarify raw / mapped / linear mode 
* Setup: Expose Analog offset value for linear scaling mode (raw * scaling + offset) 
* Setup: Expose Analog smoothing value as slider 
* Setup: Add OBDII preset 
* Setup: Add CAN mapping presets 
* Setup: Add Analog Channel presets 
* Setup: add 1.5 pulse per revolution in timer config 
* Setup: Prevent RaceTiming switches from flipping incorrectly on subsequent config reads

Just learning about RaceCapture?

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