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RaceCapture app 2.12.0 – next generation analog gauges!

It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle! We’ve released our next generation analog gauges and you can start playing with them today.

Beautiful, photo-realistic gauges

With our super flexible analog gauge editor, you can design your own beautiful gauges and the dashboards that contain them.

Get crazy!

You can also design any crazy or fun gauge you’d like – let your imagination run wild!

Simple and effective gauges

Want simple, high contrast gauges you can read at a glance? You can still create gauges that match our original design.

Save, share, and remix gauges from other racers.

Feeling lazy or want inspiration? Browse an ever-growing list of analog gauges curated by us, or shared by other racers like you. Design a custom gauge and share with your friends!

Super Customizable

The new analog gauges has a ton of customizable options, with a handy preview area.

A bunch of fixes too

A 2.11.2 bugfix release was in the works, but we just ended up rolling 2.11.2 into the 2.12.0 release. Here are the highlights:

Reset SessionTime to 0 for lap recalculator to improve video + data synchronization

If you’re using the video+data triggering, the session time for the current session really needs to start at 0, but the current RaceCapture firmware does not reset it to 0. Setting it to 0 allows for proper video+data synchronization.

While we need to fix it in the firmware, we’ve updated the lap recalculator to reset the session time to 0 so current data logs can be fixed.

Video playback improvements

We’ve made the video playback more robust in cases where the video does not match the length of the logfile.

Pit stop timer formatting fix

If you were running the pit stop timer on a device with a more narrow aspect ratio, the timer value for the pit stop timer was truncated, showing a confusing value. This has been fixed.

Improve File Load/Save on certain Android versions

We saw some problems loading / saving files on Android 10; this should now be fixed.

More fixes!

See the changelog for a list of all improvements and fixes.

Available on all platforms. Seriously.

The RaceCapture app runs basically everywhere. If you’re on mobile, it probably auto-updated to the latest version!

Download links:

Android: Download from Google Play
iOS: Download from the iTunes App Store
Amazon Fire: Download from the Amazon app store
Windows: Download Direct
OSX: Download Direct
Linux: Download Direct
Raspberry Pi: Download Direct

Full Changelog

Add next generation analog gauge
Add support for negative video offset to session editor
Add additional cellular APNs (Telefonica O2 UK, Google Fi North America, Vodafone Italy)
Add transparency control in the color picker
Fix precision not correctly initialized in channel override editor
Fix alerts editor sometimes showing stale information
Fix pit-to-car alert errors when using onboard cellular
Fix pit stop timer truncated timer on certain aspect ratios
Fix file load/save errors on certain Android versions
Improve input validation for numbers fields
Improve video playback reliability when videos are shorter than the logfile
Improve lap recalculator to reset SessionTime to 0 so videos are properly aligned with data
Update Rpi build to support Raspbian Bookworm

Fix editing of number fields on mobile devices
Fix intermittent issue when switching dashboard pages
Fix rendering of CAN channel mapping editor
Fix intermittent cases where app telemetry does not start broadcasting
Add error popup if pit to car alert message reply fails to send
Make the channel customization popup more responsive for different screen formats and sizes
Fix ordering of selected channels on Heatmap chart view and other multi-channel gauges

Add regional profile selection for devices with 4G cellular (requires device firmware >= 2.22.0)
Add Orange (UK) and Telenor (Norway) APNs
Improve file browser experience on Raspberry Pi
Fix save preset issue on iOS
Fix alert threshold triggering on digital gauges
Fixed intermittent double gauges on dashboard
Fix intermittent error when starting firmware upgrade
Fix intermittent error when switching dashboard screens
Improve rendering reliability of raw channels gauge
Fixed first time setup layout/rendering on Mobile

Fix incorrect "no data" issue with gauges after device connects
Improve lap de-selection performance for analysis
Fix where files are saved on iOS
Fix error when copying app log to clipboard

Fix incorrect touch targets on certain mobile form factors

Improve video and graphic rendering performance on slower devices via new framework
Improve wifi connection reliability
Improve reliability of received data from device to avoid corrupted messages
Fix checking of exitstatus for raspberry pi
Fix fullscreen setting problem on raspberry pi
Simplify launch for Linux distributions by only launching race_capture vs script
Switch to debian package distribution for Linux x86_64
Pre-create export directories for certain Android platforms to avoid error
Fix error editing an existing session that does not have associated video
Ensure gauges show 'no data' when referencing missing channels

Improve telemetry connection by using new framework
Fix file browsing for iOS when browsing for files other than images
Fix possibility for status view errors

Fix numeric input fields on Android
Fix issue viewing script window on Windows when device is not connected
Ensure analysis timegap chart shows useful data under all conditions
Fix analysis line chart sometimes showing "No distance data / no time data available"
Fix incorrect error message when pressing cancel on save/export dialogs on desktop
Fix obscured / hidden controls on setup pages
Fix double save confirmation on desktop builds
Fix blank digital gauge when current value is 0 or not yet updated
Fix typo in popup

Add/Update APNs for EIOTCLUB, Rogers and Bell for Canada
Fix Filebrowser for Raspberry Pi
Fix linechart zooming when window is maximized
Fix interaction with toggle button
Fix possible error when deleting a CAN mapping
Enable native file browse / save dialogs across all platforms

Fix file permissions for Android

Add text enumerations for digital gauges
Add bitmap gauge
Use native file pickers
Improve telemetry connection recovery when network is interrupted
Ensure trackmap is centered in cases where GPS trace is out of bounds
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