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RaceCapture App 2.3.0 – The feedback release

Tons of fixes – plus one big new feature

This time we’re going to lead with the change-log, because nearly everything in this release came from your testing feedback. If you spot your suggestion or issue you reported, thank you for your help in making RaceCapture even better!

Hello Change Log! Do you see your bug report or feature request?

  • Add data playback controls for Analysis
  • Improve color picker for gauges / alerts
  • Invert Digital and TinyDigital gauge text color based on brightness of gauge
  • Support for RaceCapture/Pro MK4 and PodiumConnect MK2
  • Fix scrollbar drag problem
  • Fix digits of precision on scatter plot
  • Improve Podium Login layout for small screens
  • Improve UI loading performance for Setup / CAN mapping and OBDII screens
  • Set screen resolution only if not mobile
  • Fix tire pressure indicator on overview gauge
  • Ensure double-row top toolbar can only happen when app is in portrait mode
  • Fix missing overview gauge on OSX
  • Fix on-screen keyboard for Raspberry Pi so you can see what is being entered

New color selector!

By popular request! We’ve overhauled the color selector for gauges, alerts, and anywhere else you might select a color. You can’t help but to click all the colors!

Data playback control for Analysis

The ability to play back a lap of data has been a long requested feature, and now it’s available in v2.3.0. It’s easy to use: select a lap from a loaded session, then press the play button in the playback control. You can also hide the playback controls if you want to cursor over the data by touch or mouse.

Improved performance on Mobile devices

We’ve noticed some setup screens can be very slow to load on mobile devices – specifically, the CAN mapping and OBDII mapping screen when many channels are defined. We dramatically improved the loading performance on these screens, and will continue to improve performance for other areas of the app in upcoming releases.

Available on all platforms. Seriously!

The RaceCapture app runs everywhere: Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, Linux, and even the Raspberry Pi!
Upgrade to the latest RaceCapture app today:
Android: Download from Google Play
Amazon Fire devices: Download from Amazon App store
iOS: Download from the App Store
Windows: Download Direct
OSX: Download Direct
Linux: Download Direct
Raspberry Pi: Download Direct

2 thoughts on “RaceCapture App 2.3.0 – The feedback release

  1. If I am upgrading a Pi installation will it keep my existing settings? Or is it a full image?


    1. If you are already running the most recent version, you should be able to just perform this step in the wiki instructions – and not need to start from scratch.

      If you have any issues, please post your question in our Discord/Facebook/Forums group. Thanks!

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