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RaceCapture App beta v1.3.8 – now with in-app telemetry

In-app telemetry – now available!

See the green cloud?

One of the major features required for moving the Android Beta app into production was in-app telemetry, using your smartphone to provide that telemetry link, a convenient alternative to RaceCapture/Pro‘s built-in telemetry module.  This feature has been available for a long time in the trusty but long-in-the-tooth RaceCapture production app.

The same RaceCapture app experience, everywhere

Now that in-app telemetry is available in the Beta, we’re one huge step closer to production release.

Our goal is to soon have the same RaceCapture app experience everywhere – Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and yes, even iOS. It’s happening soon please help us test to make it happen faster! You can use your Bluetooth-connected RaceCapture/Pro MK1 or MK2 to test the beta app’s features:

How to test the latest Beta app

  1. Join the Beta Testing group
    • Important: You actually have to join the group. Make sure you’re browsing using desktop mode.
  2. Opt in for beta testing
    • Make sure you un-install any existing version of the app
  3. Post your testing feedback in the Google Groups!
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