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RaceCapture/Pro Firmware 2.7.8 available (MK1 and MK2)

Saturday morning. No coffee and no food because you stayed up late hacking on firmware – so when you’re on the phone helping a customer with a firmware and app upgrade these kind of things are like cards stacked against you while you try to focus and sound intelligent.

But it’s all worth it when a customer is up and running, with a number of important features working as expected. Case in point: David Beagle and his BMW E30  #112  prepping for the Chump Car race at Road Atlanta on Feb 7. We got his RaceCapture/Pro MK1 happily running on a v2.7.8 pre-release of firmware, and laptop running the new app. The new firmware addresses a lap timing bug and also an RPM issue he and others were seeing before (actually already fixed in v2.7.7) As soon as we saw telemetry data flowing with RPM and other sensor data, we declared success!


A number of other customers on our forums verified the lap timing fix for 2.7.8. Looks good enough to ship – get it here

We fixed made a few other enhancements to 2.7.8 that you might find interesting – check out the change log copied below.

Fun Fact: David’s dad spent years racing Porsche Spyder 550s in the Bahamas – is that cool or what?  We look forward to David hooking up Fuel Level and coolant for the next race!


Fixed in 2.7.8 and 2.7.7

* Fixed start/finish line detection for MK1
* Added getGpsSats as a Lua function
* Make max virtual channels configurable betwen MK1 (10 max) and MK2 (30 max)
* Fix sector bug so sector now goes to 0 when start/finish is crossed the first time.

* Allow cell module to connect to roaming network (roaming charges may apply)
* MK1: fix RPM stuck at zero if RPM signal is applied before RCP unit is powered up
* PWM clock frequency now settable via Lua script, was fixed at 20KHz before.

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