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Real time data – you want it. we have it!

Feeding your data addiction

We are building RaceCapture/Pro systems and the real-time cellular telemetry modules as I type!


Here’s where we are on the perk fulfillments:

– Data Junkie : fulfilled

– Data Addict : fulfilled

I Can Haz Realtime Data Wave 1 – shipping target May 5

– I Can Haz Realtime Data Wave 2 – shipping target… Maaaybe May 5?

– Mobile App Dashboard + Bluetooth – delayed to end of May

Shift light bonus perk – delayed to end of May

We are excited for the possibility to compress the 2nd wave of I Can Haz Realtime Data data into the first wave and ship everything more-or-less together. We will see how well the first batch of cellular telemetry modules go this weekend, after all of the unknowns and gotchas are teased out from the volume production process.

We apologize about the delays in the Mobile App + Bluetooth. However, there is a silver lining to this cloud! We have all inventory to produce the bluetooth modules – we just need to sequence the work, which will be scheduled soon after the cellular modules. There’s also the Android dashboard app: this needs additional work to create a base set of features that we can get in your hands in the near term, and then start iterating improvements. For those of you waiting, thank you for hanging in there.

For the shift light bonus perk: this has been on the back-burner and won’t be complete until the Bluetooth modules + Realtime data perks are fulfilled. All of the shift lights will likely be shipped separately from other perk levels.

Missed the Indiegogo Campaign? We have some love for you.

As you’ve noticed, we’re getting close to fulfilling all of the Indiegogo perks for RaceCapture/Pro, the Real-time Cellular modules and even Bluetooth modules.  True to the code-of-honor for crowdfunding campaigns, we have agreed not to separately sell RaceCapture/Pro, Telemetry modules and Bluetooth Modules until all of those respective perks have been fulfilled.

We’re getting close! First up for regular sales is RaceCapture/Pro. Following soon- the realtime cellular telemetry module. Finally, when all of the Bluetooth module perks have been fulfilled, we will make available the Bluetooth Module add-on + Android dash. We will be picking the target dates within a week. Stay tuned!

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