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Video+data livestreaming update 0.2.0 – local video recording

We’ve released a small update to the video+data livestreaming support for RaceCapture.

Wait, what? Video+data livestreaming?!

Yes indeed. You can now livestream video+data using your current RaceCapture system!

Locally recorded video segments

Like a dashcam, RaceCapture’s video+data livestreaming saves locally recorded video files in segments. This protects the overall collection of files against corruption due to sudden power loss, where current video file being recorded may be corrupted.

This setting can be changed in the video-config.ini file on the Streamer:


Set the segment_length_sec to the duration you prefer. Keep it reasonably short so you don’t risk a great deal of video footage if the system experiences a sudden power loss!

When your race is complete, you can combine the video files together using a variety of online tools and downloadable software.

Read the full instructions here for local video recording

New software distribution packages

The software for the streamer is now distributed as Debian packages, not raw .tar.bz2 archives. With this update, the new install location for the RaceCapture app and the video streamer is the /opt directory.

With this update, you can safely delete directories in your home directory named:


How to get the update

It’s pretty easy, just re-run the installer. It will download the latest RaceCapture app and the video-streaming agent

Full Change Log

Switch to Debian package distribution
Save local recordings in configurable time-based segments

Initial Release

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