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There are three types of drivers…

Driver X

Driver X travels the world of accepting surfaces with clarity and purpose, regardless of the information available and the action or inaction of Drivers’ Y and Z.

Driver X’s underlying driving philosophy is: “Driving is what it is and isn’t what it isn’t.”

Driver Y

Driver Y can move about the same world as Driver X as long as all necessary information is provided, everyone is following the rules and Driver Z is staying out of the way.

Driver Y is convinced nearly everyone else needs to review a driver’s instruction booklet and then go practice somewhere else.

Driver Y’s thoughts and sometimes audible quotes:

“Green means GO!, ASSHAT!”, “I WASN’T asking your permission!, “SHUT. UP. AND. DRIVE!”, “Seriously!?” and “FUCK!”

Driver Y is unaware of Driver X.

Driver Z

Driver Z, regardless of training, the provided information, the deference of Driver X or the helpful hints voiced by Driver Y, can barely make it to the end of their driveway without killing their own cat and accidentally activating the windshield wipers.

Driver Z is unaware of just about everything.

Which Driver are You?

Note: If you had trouble understanding the description of Driver X and know a Driver Z then guess which driver you are. 🙂

Scott “Leadfoot” Miller

4 thoughts on “XYZ

  1. I drive like driver X, yet I find myself yelling at other drivers like driver Y. I suppose that makes me (and most other men) an XY driver.

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  3. Hmm, I think most driver’s in Jersey are Z drivers, yet think they are Y drivers. It’s scary out here.

    My solution, pass them all, because what’s behind you, is not important.

  4. Most of the time I am a driver X.
    @Jason – most driver Z’s are in downtown Issaquah (washington) or stuck in a Costco parking lot confused on where to park.

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