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AEM CD-7 + VDM support for PodiumConnect

We did it again! Thanks to the fine staff at AEM and their excellent documentation, PodiumConnect will also work with the AEM CD-7 dash when outfitted with the Vehicle Dynamics Module (VDM). The VDM provides 5Hz GPS/GLONASS plus 6 axis accelerometer + gyro data, ready for live-streaming.

Wiring is just about connecting 2 wires to AEM’s CAN bus network, and then selecting the AEM CD-7 + VDM preset:


Once enabled, you gain access to GPS, Speed and Accelerometer / Gyro channels streams.  You can add additional telemetry channels by adding additional ECU and sensor presets!


Ordering options

For AEM CD-7 VPM support, just choose the Generic Harness / Flying Leads option.

Pre-order PodiumConnect today

You can still PodiumConnect at a special price from our worldwide dealers or direct from our online store.  Pre-orders end Feb 8 2018!

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