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Busted Chuckles

I have been involved in years worth of weekend automotive build, re-build, repair and part fabrication. Last weekend was my third session with the, now, Autosport Lab Rats turbo Miata. I have come to expect the unexpected obstacles in the way of time and energy efficient completion of a car project. Since I clearly create my own reality in these endeavors last weekend’s work party should have been no different. You know the drill; failure/damage/breakage of hard to source bits and pieces, ill-fitting replacement parts, inexplicable lack of basic understanding by those who wrenched before you.
I could see the God of Wasted Days rising before me,…..
…..and then the turbo and manifold fit together as though cut from the same piece of steel. Every nut torqued properly. The master cylinder went back together without leaking. The generic coolant hose fit without kinking. The cars various fluids went where directed and I suffered not a misplaced tool or single scratch. At lunch time I was delighted by Kelley’s, now famous, Chicken Paprika with a bottle of wine well paired. Dessert was port and chocolate. The conversation was entertaining an productive and it was clear the work party was now an intellectual pursuit. Cheers, Leadfoot

Brent: Failing to add nuance on some technical discussion

Kelley: Chocolate makes her happy
Scott: AKA LeadFoot

2 thoughts on “Busted Chuckles

  1. Wait just a minute that guy is full of $hit. I was there and I tell you it’s not a fun place to wrench at all. It’s a horror really. There’s no water, you’re only allowed to use adjustable spanners and that Kelly girl is really mean. Add that to the fact that the whole shop smells of cheese. Avoid the place at all costs. You have been warned, Leadfoot

  2. He is definitely full of something. I suppose I can be “mean” if we define that as extremely passionate about the details and sometimes forgetting my diplomacy at the door. But that’s why we have Brent! 🙂

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