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Smells something like this….

To provide a little perspective regarding the upcoming $500 crapcan race I thought it might be useful to view a recent highlight edit of a similar event. Here’s some video from the 24 Hours of LeMons Race at Reno-Fernley raceway (I’m the chump wearing the red gloves). Chumpcar will have the added chaos of racing on a track illuminated only by the cobbled together headlights of 100 crapcan racecars for about 10 of the 24 hours we hope to have the team on the track. Half of these “racecar drivers” have never before seen a race track except on TV. There is nothing quite like attacking a dark corner of a track watching tail lights head off in several different directions. We at Autosport Labs prefer our challenges to be sweet, race-fuel scented, adrenalin frosted, slices of terror-cake and we think you might too. Leadfoot

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