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Feature Customer: Rob Henretta

This week’s featured customer is Rob Henretta, who races a BMW E46 and E30 in the western US.


What region / location / tracks do you currently race at?

Western US, mainly California.

What car(s) do you currently race?

Our primary car is our #14 BMW Spec E46 endurance car. We also have a BMW E30 with an S52 that we run in sprint races with NASA in the ST class.


What class do you compete in?

Spec E46 is a new spec class which is growing very quickly. We compete in the E1 endurance class.

What’s your racing history?

There are 3 of us that are the principals on the team. Peter is a former California Rookie of the Year and has raced in many classes. Paul Quattrocchi and I got into track days about 10 years ago and have been building up to this point.

What are your future plans for yourself and team?

We will continue to compete in the WERC series and focus on endurance racing. We took 2nd place in class in our first (partial) year, and took a podium at the 2014 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill with 3rd in class and 11th overall. Everyone was surprised to see a rookie team with a new car do so well.

In what areas are you using RaceCapture/Pro to fill in knowledge gaps to help you go faster?

We use all the features… our drivers use the in-car display to monitor lap times, and I use the real-time features to monitor the car for performance and reliability. During qualifying this season Peter thought the car was down on power so I checked and the fuel pressure was low. He came in before the engine started to miss, we splashed 5 gallons and he went on to qualify 1st in class. We won that race. I look forward to using the data to help all of our drivers improve by studying the line, entry speeds, exit speeds, braking points, etc.


If you were any race track in the world, what race track would you be?

Monza because it’s in Italy, it’s historic, and it’s in Italy.

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