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RaceCapture App 1.5.3 – Pit stop timer, mobile analysis beta, bug fixes, oh my!

Today we’ve released version 1.5.3 of the RaceCapture App for Android, and it’s our biggest, most awesome release to date! What’s so awesome about it? We’re so glad you asked… Automatic pit stop timer One of our goals with the RaceCapture/Pro system is for it to be the ultimate system for endurance racers. And what is one […]

Sponsored: Lars Wolfe Racing

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Lars Wolfe Racing and their new project “The Multi-Purpose Racer” The Multi-Purpose racer is based on the versatile Nissan Juke and will participate in a wide variety of racing, including stage rally, road racing, hill climbs and even drag racing. The exciting new RaceCapture/Pro technology provided by Autosport Labs will bring all fans LIVE information during the race from Lars and […]

How to: RaceCapture Telemetry at the 25 hours of Thunderhill

Level up your race craft with real-time data Getting real-time data set up in your endurance race car will provide your crew and driver with critical, strategic information during your race: The pit crew can monitor and coach the current driver’s performance in real-time – even compare their current laps against other drivers on the team Connect a fuel level […]

RaceCapture/Pro V2 app+firmware Beta – it’s here!

Months in the making Several months, in fact! For those who like bleeding edge technology,  head over to the links below and download, install, test and post some feedback in the forums! Links of Interest Read through the V2 Beta Documentation – this is a work in progress and will ultimately replace the main RaceCapture/Pro documentation. Download the latest app and […]

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30 minute steering angle sensor install

Unlock the secrets of your fast drivers In the mad scramble during the last minutes before our 24 hours of Lemons race we remembered wanting to install a steering angle sensor so we could get the magical full driver data profile: throttle position, brake pressure and the elusive steering angle. Yes, we need all three of […]

Announcing Autosport Labs’ sponsorship of BMW CCA Endurance Series

Autosport Labs is proud to announce our continued partnership with BMW CCA Endurance Series. For the 2014 season Autosport Labs will sponsor the special “Hard Charger” award – winners of this award will receive a $200 gift coupon on the RaceCapture/Pro and Real-Time Telemetry system,  perfect for teams who race hard – and now smarter – […]

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