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FreedomPop’s $ZERO/mo SIM card works with RaceCapture Telemetry!

Breaking news: We just tested the FreedomPop SIM, and it works perfectly with RaceCapture’s built-in 3.5G cellular!


Here’s why it’s exciting

  • $ZERO / month plan: The $0/month SIM plan includes 200MB of data – more than enough for a 24H endurance race with a heavy load of sensor channels. Your data transmits for free to Podium!
  • Based on the AT&T network:  FreedomPop is an MVNO based on the AT&T network, and AT&T offers the best GSM coverage nation-wide, especially in rural areas.

FreedomPop is our recommended carrier for RaceCapture

FreedomPop is now our recommended cellular carrier for RaceCapture telemetry – they even offer global discounted plans as well.

How to set up FreedomPop

First, Sign up for a FreedomPop plan.

Once you you receive your SIM, pop it into the RaceCapture SIM card slot, and configure the cellular provider for FreedomPop’s APN (


Write your settings back to RaceCapture and your telemetry will start broadcasting to Podium once RaceCapture registers on the network!

Want real-time telemetry for your race car?


Learn more about the family of RaceCapture real-time telemetry systems!


Let us know how it works for you!

It’s an exciting development; let us know how it works for you in the comments below.

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