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Explained in Animated GIFs – RaceCapture app 1.12.0 is coming!

Face it, we’re visual creatures – that’s why we’re presenting the shiny new features in RaceCapture system in the form of animated GIFs:

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Presets, Presets and Presets!

CAN Bus Mappings

RaceCapture App 1.11.0 brought sophisticated CAN bus presets, and now we’re closing the loop with the ability to pre-select CAN bus configurations, making it a snap to import mappings for many channels at once. It’s damn near plug-and-play!


OBDII Channel Presets

Like the CAN bus presets, OBDII has it’s own world of standard and OEM specific channels. You’ll be able to import presets for standard channels as well as OEM specific mappings for Toyota, Subaru, Ford, Nissan and much more.


Easy Button, Meet Analog Presets

A long time coming, and we’re excited it’s finally done.  RaceCapture/Pro and RaceCapture/Apex feature sophisticated analog channel mapping capabilities, but they really need to be paired with an easy button to quickly import a sensor calibration. Now,  v1.12.0 will bring you the ability to map sensors from a library of presets – so easy!


Analog Smoothing

We’ve exposed a hidden firmware feature – analog channel smoothing. This will help account for slosh in your fuel tank, or smooth out other sensor readings.



New Dashboard Visualizations

A stashed feature we pushed across the finish line – this is one that has some amazing potential as we grow the capabilities.  In an effort to visualize race car data beyond your typical squiggly lines, these new dashboard views will stimulate your eyeballs as much as they will quickly convey critical information.

3D Accelerometer / Gyro View

We have a 6 channel Accelerometer + Gyro, so why not show what it actually looks like? Why not indeed:

You’ll enjoy this as one of the new dashboard views available in 1.12.0.  So, tell us – what car models are we missing?

Heatmap View

Tire and brake temperature sensors generate enormous amounts of data, and it’s a challenge to deal with it in a meaningful way.  That’s why we created the new heatmap dashboard screen to help wrap your brain around the data in a way that shocks your retina. We think you’ll agree:

Easier Alerts Configuration

We feel bad we let this one slide for so long. Configuring alert ranges has been more than challenging, making it tough to select precise values, especially on a small screen.  We’ve added the ability to set the alert ranges directly, which should bring significant relief to just about everyone out there.  Again, sorry this one took so long!

Automatic Logging and GoPro Camera Control

We’d be incomplete if we didn’t mention it here, but it really deserves it’s own blog post. Combined with the 2.13.0 firmware, we’re bringing automatic logging control + synchronized camera control – no Lua scripting needed!

Sorry, no animated GIF; this screen doesn’t dance very much.



Awesome. So… When?

We’re pushing as hard as we can to get it out as soon as possible, because we’re gearing up to announce something even bigger.

So, the answer is SOON. A few final fixes and we’ll offer the app in beta form.

Just learning about RaceCapture?

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6 thoughts on “Explained in Animated GIFs – RaceCapture app 1.12.0 is coming!

  1. “we’re bringing automatic logging control + synchronized camera control – no Lua scripting needed!”

    So does this imply that, for example, you could just say, “Log and film everything that’s on track, don’t log or film when I’m not on track?”

    1. Essentially, yes. You’ll be able to trigger on a sensor channel – such as speed or RPM to start and stop logging and camera.

      1. Cool. My wife has one but I don’t yet so I haven’t played much – is there a an exposed method for isOnARecognizedTrack() or similar?

        I’d much rather record every lap and discard unwanted video then the alternative that hit me far too often my last track weekend…

      2. I’d hazard a guess that most of us HPDE/club folk would feel similarly.

        1. Sure. There are some channels you can trigger on that can infer whether you’re in a lap, like CurrentLap, which increments whenever you cross start/finish line.

          1. Awesome! And thanks for the response.

            FWIW, if its relatively trivial, this would be an amazing factory setting to see. I’m also a developer so its only a matter of time before I dive in to add it myself, but as I said, especially for the RC/T version, I can’t think of any reason why someone would have it plugged in and be on a track and *not* want it recording 😉

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