Introducing ShiftX2 – and bonus reward for RaceCapture pre-orders!

In the long long ago, the original ShiftX was introduced as part of the original RaceCapture/Pro IndieGoGo campaign – and for all its simplicity, people loved it and still do! A simple 3 segment array of LEDs that connected to RaceCapture/Pro’s GPIO outputs, it could be used as a shift light, for alerts, and more. Our customers went crazy with it with all sorts of cool applications that surpassed our expectations!

ShiftX2 turns it up to 11

Meet ShiftX2: a powerful, CAN bus-controlled RGB shift light designed for your RaceCapture system:

Want one ASAP? Refer a racing friend!

ShiftX2 will be officially available in March, but you can be one of the first to get one as as a bonus reward!  Here’s how:

How to submit a referral and claim your ShiftX2 reward? Email us your order details, your friend’s name and order number, and order information letting us know if ordered from us or one of our dealers. Then we’ll put you down on the list for a ShiftX2!  Since we want to spread the love, you’re limited to one  ShiftX2 reward.

Sequential shift light

It’s absolutely still a sequential shift light and you’ll be able to configure any color and flashing pattern you’d like, with up to 5 configurable thresholds.

Visualize predictive lap times

Want a real-time in-your-face indicator that tells you if you’re currently beating your best lap? You can configure ShiftX2 to visualize how well you’re doing vs your best lap, while you race!


Configure alarms

In addition to the center linear array of LEDs,  two flanking LEDs can be set up to handle alarm conditions, or whatever you’d like – your imagination is the limit!

Monitor sensors

Want a visual indicator of G-force, AFR, Oil Pressure or tire temperature? Visualize any sensor data in the most vivid way possible.

CAN bus controlled – connect up to four ShiftX2 modules

Since it’s CAN bus-controlled it saves your GPIOs for other tasks.  You can also connect up to 4 ShiftX2 modules on the same CAN bus, each performing a different task!

Four wire connection and mounts on your dash

Just four wires to connect: 5-12v power, ground, and two CAN bus connections. It’s compact at 6.7″ x 0.75″ (172mm x 18mm) and includes an acrylic enclosure for easy surface mounting on your dash.

Auto dimming for night time operation

We designed this for daylight visibility, but you’ll not want to be blinded at night. The onboard sensor will let ShiftX2 auto-dim for nighttime operation.

Coming Soon!

We’re making these available right after we have pre-orders for RaceCapture/Pro MK3 and RaceCapture/Apex complete. Already pre-ordered? Refer a friend and be first in line to get one!