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RaceCapture/Pro: Open Source race car data and telemetry!

It’s been a while since an update on the RaceCapture/Pro indiegogo project, and we have some important things to share!

Open Source! o/

Fulfilling the promise of our Indiegogo campaign, we’re excited to announce the open-source release of the RaceCapture/Pro Data Acquisition and telemetry system! You can find it all here on github.   Support the project by getting your own RaceCapture/Pro system!


The hardware artifacts are licensed under a modified Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license, inspired by the Arduino project. The firmware and software is GPL 3.0. You can read the details in the License.txt file of each respective sub-project when you start digging in.

Do U code B/C RACECAR?

Got hardware and/or software chops and love motorsports? We are looking for collaborators to take RaceCapture/Pro to the next level. From firmware enhancements to bug fixes, to developing hardware expansion modules that add additional logging channels or working on android apps, we want to hear from you. Ping us at [email protected], tell us what you love to do and how you’d like to contribute!

Bluetooth Module and Mobile App

Speaking of promises, we are now fully focused on the remaining Indiegogo perks. We have the hardware and inventory to build all of the Bluetooth module dongles- we’ll be cranking on that in the next couple of weeks.

panels of bluetooth modules

Shift Light Perk

We have another design round to do to fix the errors in the first version.  If you forgot what happened the first time, I had a basic design ready, and then one of our backers brightly said, “it should auto dim!”  and “Yeah, that would be a great idea!1!!”. I exclaimed.

So what happened? (begin tech..) The first design tried a 555 timer circuit to change the PWM based on ambient light. Turns out there isn’t enough dynamic range in the 555 timer circuit I used, with the result in not enough dimming. Le Sigh. So,  looking at using a tiny microcontroller to get better PWM dynamic range or using a simpler, 2 step bright/dim setting.  We are probably leaning towards the simpler high / low at this point so you can get a cool shift light that can integrate into RaceCapture/Pro sooner than later.


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