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RaceCapture/Pro is Live!

And RaceCapture/Pro Sales are Live!

If you were not one of the 131 IndieGogo contributors or the select few who have beta tested for us, you can now purchase your own RaceCapture/Pro here for $399.00. We’ve also opened sales of the Real Time telemetry module for $129.00 !

Why RaceCapture/Pro?

It’s plastered all over this website, but here’s a link to the page just in case. Why RealTime Telemetry? Because racecar. Or raceboat. Or race motorcycle. Or race truck. Or race something. Because you need the info, stat!

Because Data drives you!
Because Data Drives You!

Thank you!

Thank you to each and every one of our campaign funders, beta testers, friends, family, friends of friends, race teams, and support crews. You helped us in many myriad ways get the power of open source data acquisition technology into the hands of people not afraid to tinker, program, or hack their cars. And the world of automotive data will never be the same.

What are ya waiting for?! Get one for yourself and get Data That Drives You!

Racing smarter, not harder,
The entire team at Autosport Labs

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