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Living up to a Name

Today- today is the day we make the final move to our ‘new’ Lab!  Yes, the one we’ve been preparing for months.  This blog post is a nod towards company boot-strapping, being the right size at the right time, and making do with what you have.  Oh, and having R&D work spill into the packing/shipping area.  Using the top of the solder machine to store inventory.  Bumping butts for fear of knocking reels off of the Pick and Place Machine.  Ahh, memories. 🙂

This post is short and sweet because even though it’s quiet here in the morning, drinking coffee, blinking sleepily, and trying to be witty; it’s really the calm before the storm because our garage “Lab” will imminently be torn apart, loaded into a rental van and shuttled a few miles away to its new home.

Many thanks to the friends who helped us get this far:

– Our biz partner Scott “Leadfoot” Miller, heading up Sales/Business Development – actually the man of infinite hats, especially instrumental with the new Lab tear-down and re-build!  And seemingly infinite wisdom and calmness.

– Our good friends John and Laura Kimball, who helped build and campaign some awesome race cars, gave lots of moral support, and were co-conspirators during wine-infused brainstorming sessions

– To Kelley Picasso, my wife and Autosport Labs COO.  Without her talents, capability, drive and integrity none of this would be possible! I love you!

– And to you, satisfied users and potential customers out there.  Thank you for purchasing our products and evangelizing about them in our forums and elsewhere.  We have rarely advertised outside of a few Google keywords and two print ads, it all comes from your goodwill and telling others of your success (and sometimes head-scratching confusion) with our products.  So we share this milestone with you, and look forward to sharing many more!!!

3 thoughts on “Living up to a Name

  1. To Brent and Kelley, for seeing what was possible, inviting me along for the ride and putting pedal to metal! Here’s to whatever comes our way…Cheers.

  2. Of course, thanks go to Brent! Without his crazy creativity, intrepid inventiveness, and amazing attitude there wouldn’t be a reason for a Lab. I’m happy to be building this future with him and building our awesome Autosport Labs products!

  3. Congratulations, Brent and Kelley, for turning your home-business into the powerhouse that it is. It’s been amazing getting to know you two and learning about your business, hopes, and dreams. We feel honored that you’ve trusted us with your “secret squirrel” plans for kick-ass domination and we’re excited to watch you make them happen.

    Here’s to growing into the new lab and outgrowing everything else!

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