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Merkur Build 1: A journey of a thousand miles begins with…

In the case of a race car: the first strip. And, boy, has there been a lot of that going on. Luckily we earned a few extra dollars for our work as ladies’ night was a huge success. 😉

The wiggly stuff next the the change? Yeah, that's maggots...

Seriously though, we’ve made a ton of progress. The interior has been completely removed (thanks, Scott!):

Merkur-Stripped Interior
Merkur! Your cross-member is showing!

and we’ve been left with a HUGE pile of…ummmm, reclaimable budget!

Merkur-Interior (out of car)
The nasty stuff is on the left, keepers on the right.

You can definitely tell that this is a German made car. Everything we removed seems to weigh twice as much as it should, and no, it’s not because of the conversion from kilograms to pounds. I’m estimating that we removed nearly 200 pounds of stinky interior panels, fetid carpet, and moldy sound deadening. You can also tell that some engineer, or “quality control tech,” really cared about the sound levels in the cabin. We keep finding new places where foam, carpeting, and bags of some material unknown to science have been stashed in an attempt to reduce noise. It has all been removed.

This is a race car and we don’t need to worry about having a quiet atmosphere for polite conversation. Soon enough the only things we’ll be talking about are why we smell burning and trying to figure out just how long that needle has been in the red.

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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to see the car. We are building the cage on our ChumpCar on wed….

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