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Active Aero with RaceCapture/Pro

Here at Autosport Labs we like to show what’s possible with RaceCapture/Pro and some ingenuity. We’ve taken a windshield wiper motor, Pololu Jrk USB Motor Controller, RaceCapture/Pro and some LuaScript to create an active aero system for our 24 Hours of Lemons race car. This is just a sliver of what’s possible with RaceCapture/Pro and […]

ratchet head

New Dealer: Ratchet Head

Located in the Northeast, Ratchet Head isn’t your typical shop: think high tech hackerspace meets race cars!  Their DIY-oriented approach is perfect match for Autosport Labs open source technologies. Look for the guys at Ratchet Head to provide hand-on technical assistance for installing your RaceCapture/Pro telemetry system.  Ratchet Head will also be focusing heavily on […]


A Rat Tale

Chapter 1 Once upon a time, an innocent little sports car discovered America. He could sense the open road and knew life was going to be totally sweet. “Bring on the curves baby–this kid was born to run!” It was 1990 and, alas, this fairytale life just wasn’t meant to be. His first owner was a 19-year-old […]

OK, that seems a little over the top.

Less is more…

…more or less. In motorsports, the rules must change in order to fine tune the competitive atmosphere and make sure everyone gets a fair chance at the glory that is winning. If change turns against you it might feel like a cold, cruel, sideways rain on your team’s fantasy-of-winning parade. At Autosport Labs it feels like… another work party! Thanks […]

Near Tangent, OR

We went, we broke it, we raced it, we returned

Thursday, May 5th: On this occasion the Autosport Labs team headed to Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA to attend “Goin’ for Broken 2010”. That’s a 24 Hours of LeMons event for those of you not knowing. We suffered the minor inconvenience of an overheated wheel bearing near Tangent, OR and fixed it hoping that […]


Make mine a Merkur… A crapcan, that is

A new year inspires bold ideas and uncovers new challenges. It seeds the dreamer’s thoughts and creates opportunity. Sometimes the challenge of a new years’ opportunity is so compelling, so inspirational that no amount of pain reliever, water or sleep will make it go away. When the dream is to field your very own creation […]