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New Team Member: Jeff Ciesielski

Please welcome our new team member – Jeff Ciesielski!  Jeff is a best of breed firmware engineer:  you won’t find the word ‘enterprise’ anywhere in his resume.  Seriously, he kicks ass and has already (patiently) taught us a thing or two about firmware and hardware engineering.

Jeff is leading up the development of the next generation Megajolt hardware and firmware… what he already has going on for the Megajolt project will make you pay attention!  More on that in an upcoming blog post.

Also, rumors have it if you own a Mclaren MP4-12C his code may be running in your car..


Enough of that! Now, in his own words:

I’ve never much been into organized motorsports, but the gearhead bug bit me as soon as I was old enough to drive. Doing typical car maintenance stuff was ok for a while, but a few years into my newfound hobby I discovered the joys of forced induction and EFI tuning, and I’ve been on a quest to stuff a turbocharger (and more recently, a megasquirt) under the hood of every car I can get my hands on.

My professional background is in deeply embedded electronics, mainly doing R&D for consumer and automotive devices, with some database dev work thrown in for good measure. Currently I spend my days as an embedded software engineer developing RFID systems, and evangelizing the use of (and contribution to) open source tools and software.

I spend my spare time tinkering with my XR4TI and helping friends on their various car projects.

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