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Off and on

For the most part, I drive the speed limit. I stick to the right lane unless passing the infrequent hyper-miler or deliberate RV pilot. However, on-ramps and off-ramps are bit of a grey area for me. Just the other day a passenger of mine experienced this transition uncertainty. Subaru sales person Tim and I were chatting about the attributes of the ’08 Impreza 5 door (Black) I was navigating down I405 when I told him I needed to experience the capabilities of the redesigned suspension for myself. Immediately after a fair warning statement of “hold on”, I persuaded the Subie through an off-ramp and on-ramp opportunity. The suggested speed of 25mph through this area was acknowledged then dismissed as braking would, certainly, spoil the test results. Tim could have responded in many ways to me seeming to have ignored the clearly visible signage, tires squealing through a mild 4-wheel drift, but instead startled me with “WOW, that’s the most fun I’ve had all month!” That test drive and Tim’s general good nature closed the deal, and I’m back in a Subaru. Bring on the adverse conditions!

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