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A Special Delivery

Forklift, Please

What’s in this crate? Why it’s a shiny, new, custom enclosure for future projects!


No, not the red one we blogged about earlier- that’s for the likes of projects such as RaceCapture and Megajolt2. Rather, these are more oriented toward compact designs like the current Megajolt ignition controller and other toys we’re working on. We had an opportunity to step away from a generic enclosure and commissioned our own design; one better suited for Autosport Labs projects.


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them- I get enormously excited when something that starts off in my mind’s eye transforms to physical reality. Really. Giddy, actually.


Function Enjoys Form

I thought a beauty shot would be a good reason to clean the mess the kids made on our usual photo backdrop, our granite kitchen countertop.  And here you go.  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “A Special Delivery

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