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Podium app 0.2.0 – the parity release

It’s only been a month since the last release, but we’re here again with some big improvements. This one is all about achieving feature parity with what you can do with the Podium website. Let’s dig in.

User Profile editor

Now you can set your avatar, profile image, and bio right from the app.

Device Management

You can also edit and configure your devices right from the app, as well.

Z-index gauge ordering for free-form dashboard editor

With this release, get better control how your gauge designs can be organized and layered in your dashboard designs.

To access the feature, unlock the dashboard, press the edit button on the gauge and then select one of the move options. This will let you float one gauge on top of another, so you have more flexible dashboard layouts.

Improved livestream connection stability

We’ve also included a message to let you know when your local internet connection is poor.

Improved app loading speed

Faster startup speed! We’ve streamlined the app startup so you get a smoother experience.

A collection of UI improvements

We’ve included a bunch of improvements throughout the app – see the full changelog for the details and take the updated app for a spin today!

Get the latest Podium app today

Android: Download from Google Play beta
iOS and Amazon Fire: Not yet! possibly next release.
Windows: Download Direct
OSX: Download Direct
Linux: Download Direct

Full Change Log

  • Improve layout and usability of Dashboard Alerts editor for different screen formats and sizes
  • Improve playback accuracy of Analysis playback control
  • Fix Analysis Flow Gauge view having too many panels; now vertically scrolls as needed
  • Fix analysis Flow Gauge view where inserting a gauge panel in a specific position works as expected
  • Improve loading speed of channel customization and alerts editor dialogs for Dashboard and Analysis views
  • Add data playback controls for Analysis Dashboard mode
  • Improve color picker for gauges / alerts
  • Invert Digital and TinyDigital gauge text color based on brightness of gauge
  • Fix scrollbar drag problem
  • Fix digits of precision on scatter plot
  • Improve Podium Login layout for small screens
  • Fix tire pressure indicator on overview gauge
  • Fix Overview gauge not displaying for OSX

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