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Podium App 0.4.0 – next-gen gauges, performance improvements, and fixes

We’re overdue for a release of the Podium app, so here’s a big stack of updates for you!

Next Gen Analog and Digital gauges

If you’ve seen the next generation analog and digital gauges in the RaceCapture app, you’ll find these familiar – now this new gauge technology is now available in the Podium app for designing beautiful and useful dashboards.

Performance and stability improvements

Many fixes and improvements have been rolled up into this release from previous versions, specifically around performance, stability for livestreaming, and enhanced usability. Check the changelog below to see all of the updates.

Get it on (almost) all the platforms!

Android: Download from Google Play beta
iOS and Amazon Fire: SOON! watch for it…
Windows: Download Direct
OSX: Download Direct
Linux: Download Direct

Full Change Log

* Added next generation Analog gauges
* Added next generation Digital gauges
* Add transparency control in the color picker
* Added mechanism for incremental loading of items in lists throughout the app
* Improve loading performance of preset browser
* Ensure correct scroll position when incrementally loading lists
* Improved behavior of the pull-to-refresh mechanism
* Ensure gauges show 'no data' when referencing missing channels or channel data
* Improved stability and performance for live telemetry data
* Make lap selection/deselection and gauge refreshing more efficient
* Improved the user experience when navigating to the "My Events" page, creating events and choosing times/dates.
* Updated core UI framework version for general improvements
* Fixed selection of laps in Dashboard if event is private
* Improved Dashboard animation transitions
* Fixed incorrect behavior during event device removal - if there are two event devices with lap selected, trying to remove the first one will not work on Android
* Fixed Android keyboard opening when selecting a date/time on the event creation page
* Fixed issue when trying to add a device to the event without the user choosing a device
* Fix selecting files on Android from the downloads folder
* Fix precision not correctly initialized in channel override editor
* Fix alerts editor sometimes showing stale information
* Fix file load errors on certain Android versions
* Improve input validation for numbers fields
* Fix editing of number fields on mobile devices
* Make the channel customization popup more responsive for different screen formats and sizes
* Fix ordering of selected channels on Heatmap chart view and other multi-channel gauges
* Fix alert threshold triggering on digital gauges
* Improve rendering reliability of raw channels gauge
* Fix numeric input fields on Android
* Ensure analysis Time Gap chart shows useful data under all conditions
* Fix analysis line chart sometimes showing "No distance data / no time data available"
* Fix linechart zooming when window is maximized
* Enable native file browse dialogs across all platforms
* Fix file permissions for Android

* Add text enumerations for digital gauges
* Add bitmap gauge
* Use native file pickers
* Add lap selection boxes lap list to improve usability
* Improve UI responsiveness when showing trackmaps in lists
* Improve scrolling on HomeFeed view and improve usability on touch motions
* Ensure trackmap is centered in cases where GPS trace is out of bounds

* Fix crashing issue on Android 11+

* Fix save/update dashboard design for OSX
* Improve layout of trackmap list
* Fix stale data title prompt for Alerts editor
* Improve home feed layout
* Fix squished event items on mobile/phone form factor
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