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RaceCapture app 2.10.4 – big improvement to the telemetry broadcaster

(Podium Telemetry courtesy of Jefferson Raley

A big improvement to the app based telemetry broadcaster

Based on feedback from users during races, we’ve found that the core framework we were relying on had a bug that would cause our telemetry broadcaster to get into a bad state, and the only recovery was an app restart. Frustratingly for us, this was not a problem in our code, but in a 3rd party code library we were using.

We think ongoing updates in the overall app framework introduced this problem some time back. The RaceCapture app’s telemetry broadcaster was some of our original and very well-tested code we’ve never needed to touch. Upon research we found the library we were using was being deprecated (retired) and we should use a newer one.

So: we made the switch to the newer library, and the results are great! We highly recommend upgrading ASAP.

Additional Benefits

During our additional testing, we found that, on certain platforms, like Linux (including Raspberry Pi) the old framework was delaying the receipt of messages from Podium, specifically pit-to-car alerts. On those platforms messages were being dropped and/or showing up late.

With this update, pit-to-car messages show up instantly, and the OK / YES / NO replies work crisply and as expected.

If you’re asking “what’s pit-to-car alerts” – here’s a demo of what it is in action:

iOS file browsing

We also slipped in an update that fixes file browsing on iOS when loading and saving non-image files like log files(.log), Database files (.dbc), and RaceCapture config files (.rcp).

For these file types, you will get a regular file browser, and when browsing for images, you’ll get iOS’s standard image browser.

Available on all platforms. Seriously.

The RaceCapture app runs basically everywhere. Download links:

Android: Download from Google Play
iOS: Download from the iTunes App Store
Amazon Fire: Download from the Amazon app store
Windows: Download Direct
OSX: Download Direct
Linux: Download Direct
Raspberry Pi: Download Direct

Full Changelog

Improve telemetry connection by using new framework
Fix file browsing for iOS when browsing for files other than images
Fix possibility for status view errors

Fix numeric input fields on Android
Fix issue viewing script window on Windows when device is not connected
Ensure analysis timegap chart shows useful data under all conditions
Fix analysis line chart sometimes showing "No distance data / no time data available"
Fix incorrect error message when pressing cancel on save/export dialogs on desktop
Fix obscured / hidden controls on setup pages
Fix double save confirmation on desktop builds
Fix blank digital gauge when current value is 0 or not yet updated
Fix typo in popup

Add/Update APNs for EIOTCLUB, Rogers and Bell for Canada
Fix Filebrowser for Raspberry Pi
Fix linechart zooming when window is maximized
Fix interaction with toggle button
Fix possible error when deleting a CAN mapping
Enable native file browse / save dialogs across all platforms

Fix file permissions for Android

Add text enumerations for digital gauges
Add bitmap gauge
Use native file pickers
Improve telemetry connection recovery when network is interrupted
Ensure trackmap is centered in cases where GPS trace is out of bounds
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