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RaceCapture app 2.7.0 – now with fullscreen mode

We’re releasing RaceCapture app 2.7.0 for Windows, Linux, and OSX with a mysterious yet very important new feature: full screen mode!

What? Why? For now, feel free to guess why this is an important feature. We’ll have a full reveal in the coming weeks.

2.7.0 is only available for Windows, Linux and OSX – Download it today at – we’ll have builds for RPi, iOS, and Android soon as we finish testing video support for those platforms.

Full Change Log

Add feature to set app to fullscreen mode
Fix case on Android where extra space is placed at the top of the window + misaligned touch targets
Add Mode 23 for OBDII channel configuration
Add video gauge for Analysis view
Improve session import dialog layout/workflow
Add video gauge to live dashboard view
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