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RaceCapture / PodiumConnect firmware 2.19.1 NOPE! 2.19.2

Note! the firmware was bumped again to 2.19.2 – be sure to download this version instead. We found another very small but significant edge-case around GPS initialization that we needed to fix. Thanks!

We have a small but important firmware update for RaceCapture and PodiumConnect systems, which addresses periodic data corruption issues on the USB data stream.

If you’re primarily connecting via USB for your system (e.g. Raspberry Pi) – you will certainly want to upgrade soon.

How to upgrade firmware

Step 1 – backup your current configuration

Using your windows, Linux, or OSX computer, connect to RaceCapture using the USB connection. Save your current configuration to a file by navigating to Setup, and pressing the Save button.

Step 2 – Download the firmware for your device

Download your firmware from , ensuring you download the correct firmware for your device and generation (MK2, MK3, etc).

Step 3 – Upgrade your firmware

Navigate to Setup / Firmware and upgrade your firmware using the on-screen prompts.

Step 4- Restore your configuration

Once the firmware is upgraded, go to Setup , Load the configuration you just saved, and press ‘write’ to write it back to your system. You are now upgraded!

Full Change Log

  • Further improve GPS initialization for RaceCapture/Track MK3 and RaceCapture/Pro MK4
  • Fix periodic USB data transmission corruption

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